November 4

All About the Goal

It’s time to give Kuzma Kronikle a new twist. Previously, it was focused on the tool, and then finding ways to integrate into the curriculum. But with times changing we need to focus on the content, and then find the best way to either dive deeper or connect it the real world. So the new twist is going to explain different lessons I’ve done with different classes, grade levels, content, and how tools were decided during conversations had between myself and the teachers. Finally, I will share how it  translated into the classroom-what did the teacher do with the co-teaching opportunity once she/he is on their own to develop it independently. 


So before I get into describing activities, lesson planning charts or collaborative planning, I challenge you to list all of the tools you have access to in your school, your district or your county. Sort them into whatever categories makes sense to you. Some examples might be content assessment, presentation creation or video. (Click on the image to the right for an example.) You will most likely see that one tool can be used in multiple ways. By doing this you’re able to wrap your mind around the tools that are available to you and begin to think how are you going to use these tools to best have your students create something.

Because, as we know, they do spend a lot of time on their devices, lets connect what they’re creating on their devices and see where it lands on a Quad D chart, thinking about what are they actually doing on their phones might actually surprise you. Let’s take what they know about media combine it with what we know about pedagogy and merge the two so our students can create products that will impact their world. 

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