May 19

Online Test Prep

In Virginia, the S.O.L.s are here. This is our end of the course state assessment where students prove how much they’ve learned. You may be preparing or reviewing, currently testing or celebrating the end of that 5th season. Grades 3-12 know the drill. Spend the school year prepping for it in every way possible.

What if the prep didn’t start in 3rd grade, but earlier? How do you begin to prepare? Teachers in grade K-2 will tell you their kids are too young to handle the pressure. It’s time to change that thinking and find appropriate sites for this to happen.

Kahoot teacher created; points awarded by fast answering
 Quia  shared quizzes are free; create your own for a small annual fee
 Quizizz  sample quizzes; create your own; play against classmates
 QuizStar  various types of questioning formats; graded quizzes; create a class

Looking for a large list, click here to learn of paid, free, K-12, and PD.

Of course, there are always more and maybe your tried and true isn’t on my list. Not matter the tool you use, get your students involved in it. So much of today’s world is assessed via online items and the more we prepare our students and add this language to our teachings, the better prepared we are all to prove how smart we are.

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