March 10

Too Young to Research?

How young is too young to research facts? At a very young age we read to children. They may be your children, nieces, nephews, or students. As we read, we begin to ask questions-What do you think the he’ll do next? Where is the shoe hiding? Comprehension skills are a part of young minds long before we realize it. Continuing that process as these young people enter Kindergarten and First grade is key to creating a love of reading that will carry them through all of their academics. 1gr research

Finding a site that is age appropriate where the language is on the level of a 5-7 year old can be a challenge. Although I normally don’t use paid sites on my blog, Pebble go offers exactly what is needed at this age level. Navigating through the site is completed by using limited language and easy-to-understand graphics.

pb main page

 Creating a 5-7 question worksheet paired with a story will allow the students to practice or research in a well, laid out piece of literature with language they can understand. Looking at the image to the left, you will see a speaker that reads the story to the child, highlighted key words that offer pronunciation and definition when clicked and chapters sorted by the tabs at the top.

You can find out more about pricing and/or obtain a free two week trial.

pg story


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