February 22

True Colors

“So don’t be afraid to let them show/Your true colors/True colors are beautiful,Like a rainbow” True Colors Cyndi Lauper 8/25/86 (video by MattyBraps)

What do your students know about their classmates? What if instead of sitting near their friends, they had to sit next to someone new? As scary as it sounds, when we break our normal routine, amazing things can happen. What if you took 5-10 minutes of the class’s down time to learn about other people in the room?  Yes, during the day, time is a hot commodity and must be devoted to the curriculum, but what about when the students are first coming into class in the morning, recess or during afternoon bus call. The students are talking at this time anyway, but usually with their buddies. It is the perfect time to learn about those people they spend so much time with during the school day.

What are some things they can do:

  • Put all the kids names in a bucket. Each person pulls out a partner and they need to learn three new facts about that person.
  • Put all the kids’ names in a bucket and have half the class pick one out. They will sit near them at the lunch table and talk about their favorite lunch treats or after school snacks.
  • Find one person who has a common hobby and share stories with them.
  • Find one person who has a different hobby then you and ask questions about it
  • Give each students a bingo card with each of the classmate’s names on them. Place a line under each person’s name and have the students write one fact they have learned about their classmate. The caller may say “Place a bingo chip on someone who likes to play soccer.”

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