February 16

All Those Cards

Valentine’s Day in elementary school doesn’t seem to have changed much in the last 30+ years. Girls show up in their favorite red or pink outfits. Some sparkle. Some are made out of taffeta while others have sayings on their shirt about love. Boys…well they most likely wear their favorite character or whatever shirt is closest to them when they get dressed.

Arriving at school with excitement they come stocked with their small cards that may have a lollipop, piece of candy, sticker or tattoo attached to it. Passing them out is exciting as they are carefully placed in the personally decorated boxes, paper bags or large envelopes. As the students open them they sort their candy and immediately place their stunning tattoos on the any and all exposed body parts. Their class party may end with decorating a cookie or enjoying a cupcake.

Most teachers will also receive those small cards and will tell the students how gracious they are that gave them one. But what those students don’t know is how happy it makes those teachers to be remembered because that student sat at the table last night finding the perfect card with the perfect saying to give to you-their teacher who knows how much you care.

As the day ends, what do you do with all the cards?

  • Create a special cover with the year on it and attach them together with a binding machine. Now you have a small keepsake and a history lesson to see how the cards have changed over time.
  • Punch a hole in the cart and feed a string through them. You now have a decoration to use each year for your classroom.
  • Lay them all out on the table to create a collage. Use your device to take the picture.


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