January 26

Limitless Classroom

“The deepest problem for us is not technology, nor teaching, nor school bureaucracies-it’s the limits of our thinking.” FETC 2015

Teaching is a profession led by territorial leaders. They claim their students as their own children. They are protective of the amazingly creative lessons that are delivered. Some only share with those they deem worthy of the information. Yet there are plenty that know how limited time is for planning and preparing so their grade level team may compile their lessons into a location for all to enjoy. Letting go of their territory will open opportunities that are currently unknown.

Our classrooms are now filled with technology-laptops, desktops, devices of all kinds and educators that are learning how to use it or waiting for the time and money for training to become available. However the best trainers are right under their noses! Schools are filled with students who use various devices for everything-homework, researching, social media and they are getting noticed.

On Saturday, January 31 there will be a Student Technology Conference where students will present how their devices are being using in their schools. Children in grades 6-12 will be presenting based on one of 6 strands: Making, Design and Innovation, Student Technology Clubs, Technology in Schools – Projects and Collaborations, Educational Technology Tools, Students and Social Media and Entrepreneurship. All of the directions of attending the conference via your computer are listed here. 

Today’s students are sharing so much of themselves, now its our turn to see what they are excited about.


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